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Don't worry, be happy!

Recently, I've been feeling really down. Y'know, with my High School Certificate coming up in October this year, I've felt that I had no real direction. Today, at my homeschooling department, we had an Amnesty/Harmony Day where we spoke about human rights, and designed cards and paintings to send to the children at the Christmas Island Detention Centre - I even taught the younger kids how to make origami traditional swans and read out a true story of a young African girl who now lives in Australia. And that's when I realised - there are kids out there who have never been educated, and whose parents were killed or arrested for believing in something. I mean, what have I got to worry about? I've lived in Australia my whole life; been educated by absolutely amazing teachers, and, been given a life these people could only dream of. 
I've not only been given the chance to study, but, I've participated in so many extra-curricular activities, which is where my passion for acting developed. 
These children have and will never experience that!
As a result, I've made a pact to stop worrying. It's not only hurting me, but the people who have helped me the most - my family. 
Yeah yeah, you're probably falling asleep reading this, or better yet, logged off my blog to read something else. But, I just thought this was the perfect way to let out all my negative feelings. 
Tomorrow is a brand new day.
I am a brand new person. 
And, hopefully you could let out all your negative feelings and thoughts, because, seriously, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
Think about the present, not the future or the past. 

Thanks Guys! 



Don't you just adore old films? Well, I know I do!
I mean, there's a special quality these types of films hold, which ultimately, no 21st century film can surpass. I mean, I love the way directors use film-noir, which is very common in films made during the 1940s-50s.
Lately, I've been lucky enough to be given the chance to analyse these old films for my English module work. And ironically, most of these films I've been given the chance to watch star the beautiful, breathtaking and lovable Grace Kelly.

Dial M for Murder.

Rear Window.
I've also developed a passion for Alfred Hitchcock's work. I mean, these two texts truly encapsulate the beauty of films, with the help of some fine actors, of course. And, I guess these 'arty' interpretations, or pet theories of mine, do kind of relate to the fashion world. Both films and fashion both have to be developed basically in the same manner - through creativity; except, directors use film techniques to emulate their creative minds and plots, per se.
Anyway, today has been an extremely boring day. Not only have I completed some Ancient History notes that took me over an hour to write (I was expecting it to take up the whole day), but I have been watching Big Love, whilst eating a huge freakin' easter egg! Ahh crap, you have absolutely no idea how fat I feel.
Y'know how you eat something big and think, 'this is all I'm eating all day' and then two hours later, you grab some lollies or something. That's the negative side of having too much junk food in your pantry. See, every easter my family invites our relatives over, and mum thinks she's expected to buy a whole lot of chocolates, soft drinks, lollies, chips etc etc, however, nobody eats them, which means that we're left with them.
I mean, this would be a seven year olds idea of heaven, but for some, not a teenagers.

On the other hand however, I received my half-yearly school report back, and topped 4/6 classes.

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