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So ... today was my first university lecture! It was for the compulsory subject of philosophy, which I found rather fascinating. Our lecturer spoke of the way an individuals belief system corresponds with the roof of a house, in the sense that, they guide and support us in decision-making, among many other necessities of life. We were also briefed on a number of philosophers who emphasised the importance of the common-good, as opposed to the ego-centric idea of things. For example, when developing a community, one must have a desire to fulfill the aspirations of his/her neighbours, and of course, him/herself. However, I found one specific point rather important. Our lecturer spoke of one's desire for power. This 'power', however, must be noticeable to others. For example, one may buy a sports-car, not because they feel comfortable in it, but because they can be seen as superior to others. Everybody views themselves from the eye of another. Everybody. 

Anyway, enough of the 'boring stuff', as many of my peers may state, which was intently visible by their positioning of facebook as a higher priority to lectures. Seriously, I was looking around the room, and a few people were on it. I mean, it's our first lesson! Wait 'till our second, for goodness sake.

Oh, and Jane Russell unfortunately passed away. Many may remember her in the classic film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, with Marilyn Monroe. Apparently, she died of respiratory failure on Monday. She was 89.
May she rest in peace. 

I'm now going to leave you with my favourite song at the moment. Enjoy!

Moth's Wings - Passion Pit. 

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