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So, it was my 18th birthday on Friday. 
I still cannot believe it. 
But, I have to admit - I did have a great day. Mum and I went shopping, got Gold Class tickets to Sex and the City 2 (my verdict on the film: mediocre) and 
I was given an Ipod Nano, E71 Nokia Mobile Phone & Case, a lovely Audrey Hepburn mirror, gorgeous shoes, a beautiful Chanel look-a-like bag, John Lennon inspired sunglasses, and, last but definitely not least .... $750! Oooh my Goood. 
So, yesterday I went shopping and bought some lovely high-heels, a Parisian-inspired top and a shirt dress, which is just lovely. 
Oh, and my camera is almost fixed! Woo. 


S. Bernstein said...

I like the photos, I recently did a post on olivia hussey and I was surprised to see one of the photos I used turn up again here!! cool, cool

Jenna said...

Olivia Hussey is truly breathtaking. My friend actually sent me a heap of photos from Romeo and Juliet the other day, which I loved. The one in my post is my favourite.

Indigo said...

I love that Romeo and Juliet film. Super cute blog ! :)

SOFIA said...

очень красивые посты!))

Annushka said...

I love this photo)))
vintage this my life!!!

Ellinor Forje said...

Your blog is different. Loves it. Come visit us too, soon. Take care.

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