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Wow. So, I'm not going to complain about the confusion I am currently facing in my life; however, I will speak of the Academy Awards, which, pretty much, is the opposite of the current questionings I am undergoing.
Anyway, I found the award ceremony this year particularly enjoyable. I mean, there will always be parts where I am urged to fast-forward, that's inevitable, but I am satisfied with the choices made. Colin Firth and Natalie Portman's performances in The King's Speech and Black Swan were outstanding, as were the other nominees (i.e. James Franco, Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman etc). Moreover, the supporting categories were very tough. Without a doubt, Christian Bale deserves every award out there for his phenomenal role as Dickie Eklund, the half-brother of boxer, Micky Ward, in The Fighter. Geoffrey Rush was also spectacular, but his performance didn't reach the standard of Bale's. Regardless of this, I applaud Rush's acting capabilities. For those who haven't seen the film Shine, Rush provides the viewer with an honest view of the talents of an autistic man in Australia.
In terms of the supporting actress role, Melissa Leo was also a great choice. Her performance was flawless.  I also believe that Amy Adams and Hailee Steinfeld gave breathtaking adaptations of both a non-fictional and fictional character, which can be particularly difficult  .... especially coming from a fourteen year old! WOW. Plus, she is such a fashionista. Every outfit she wears is gorgeous. The way she exhibits a modernistic feel, yet intertwines it with a sense of ageless/classic beauty.
Oh, and who else laughed when Kurt Douglas was presenting? I thought he was great ... totally unexpected, though.

 The Academy Awards 2011.
 The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011. 
The Golden Globes Award 2011.

I love Steinfeld's versatility and youthfulness. She has a matureness to her, although, she isn't pretentious, like other young stars *cough cough .... Taylor ... cough..... Momsen*. Oops, excuse me. 
Similarly, Jennifer Lawrence exhibits these qualities too. She's twenty years old and was nominated for her brilliant performance in the independent film, Winter's Bone. She doesn't act as if she's older than she is, and is proud of her youthfulness, hence her decision in wearing bright colours, which subvert the 'normalities' of the generic award ceremony gowns. 

The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011.

So, another Academy Award Ceremony has passed us, and we're anticipating another year of 'great films. We've seen The King's Speech, True Grit, Black Swan, The Social Network, The Fighter, among many others, which were amazing films. What'll come next? 
Although, I am looking forward to seeing the film Water For Elephants. It looks so good! 


Anonymous said...

I liked Hailee Steinfield wearing that Miu Miu dress
She looked awesome. Nuff said.

Angelica said...

Thankyou for following me (:
I just followed you back - love the blog x

Ra: said...

this striped dress is beautiful!

Emanuelsson said...

She looks like a fairy!

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