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there's always a first to everything...

So. Yes. This is my first ever blog post.
*awkward moment of silence* 
And by now you may be pondering on the fact that you have no idea who I am, nor do I know who you are. So, let me start off by introducing myself...
Hi. I'm Jenna AKA the girl who cried wolfe, and I just rather instantaneously decided to write a blog. I'm hoping that my blog will, at least, be read by others *duh* and inspire individuals like you. 
Firstly, I am rather captivated and intrigued by fashion, art, films, novels and mainly things surrounding the 'arty' and 'indie' world, which is where I lead into the theme of my blog which is, of course, listed all above. 
I'm continually going to post blogs surrounding things in which I have been inspired by, that may help or arouse your curiosity (if that makes any sense). 
Let me continue off by saying that I'm very susceptible to making absolutely no sense and writing a page full of absolute jargon, so hopefully, that won't turn you off! Hopefully.
Secondly, I've just turned seventeen years old *happy birthday to me*, which is also another reason why I started this blog - to try something new! And hopefully this experience will be a positive and rewarding opportunity that will fulfill my expectations.

So...let's get onto the 'meaty' details (even though I am a vegetarian. HA HA joke! ... not funny). 
A few days ago whilst browsing through a few youtube videos, I came across an amazing video that has officially made me an obsessive fan girl. However, everybody I've showed it to have all had the same response "OMG THAT'S SO COOL! but I found it two years ago sucker". Butttt, for those, like me, who are fairly 'new' to the youtubing watchamacallit business, here is the video...

Isn't it just FREAKING amazing? 
According to 'Fagottron' who made it, "The music video from my song 'Alice' is an electronic piece of which 90% is composed using sounds recorded from the Disney film 'Alice in Wonderland'". 
It's just amazing to find such a beautiful piece of work on youtube - always rewarding! 

Another extremely inspiring video is from 'PeaceOnEarth123' and is filmed in Sydney, Australia and shows ..... how about you just watch it! However, beware: You will be inspired!

Oh man! So inspirational! I WANT A HUG NOW! 

But yeah, anyways I had PLANNED to talk a bit about my fashion interests but I've unfortunately run out of time..what a shame! 
However, I promise that in my next post I will write about it! 
You'll love it. 
I'm sure you will.
So, get ready! 
Because you're in for a treat.

I should just shutup now right?

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