Hi, I'm Jenna.



YOU are the champions.


Thanks for sticking by me. I've been immensely busy over the past month; you have absolutely no idea. Since my last post, I've done a modelling course; started year 12; rehearsed for a play; got a beautiful pet rabbit, and I'm back for good!
So, last night was Halloween and since I live in Australia; it's not a huge event. So, I sat at home watching films.
How exciting.
But, next Halloween I really want to dress up as Elphaba from Wicked. And yes, I will paint my skin green hehe.

OR .... Esther from Orphan.

So, that's all from me today because I'm off to rehearsals.
But, I'll be back.

Oh. And, Thank You for your awesome comments. You're great!


Kiki said...

YAYYYYY welcome back! I missed your posts! What's your bunny's name?

Psh watching movies seems like the perfect way to spend Halloween to me.. but I'm sure your Elphaba costume will be great.

P.S. I get to see Wicked on broadway this spring slfjkljdfgd!

fayeee said...

sounds like your a very busy beee! ahh that'd be a good costume and that girl is so frigging scary and that film freaks me out.
I'm usually ok with horrors, but orphan - thats another story...
hope to speak soon :)

Zany Style said...

MISSED YOU! Weird, you got a bunny, i was a bunny for Halloween... all so odd. But thats is normal for someone like me!


Kiki said...

Jennaaaaaaa. I've tagged you for an award on my blog! Hope you're doing well and aren't too busy still.

Alison said...

You should go as the witch the other will look too much like Wednesday Adams. Not that that is a bad thing. The UK doesn't celebrate Halloween the same either - I wish we all did like the US - big ol' family events! And bucket loads of candy!

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